Modern technologies for Ukrainian companies entering international markets: a review of international standards
Foreign economic activity is no longer the advantage of only large domestic companies. Small and medium-sized businesses are also actively involved in international trade and exploring new forms of international cooperation. However, international trade has specific features, forms and types. It is necessary to take into account international standards of technical regulation measures in trade, etc.
This guide contains basic information on various aspects of foreign trade, which will allow Ukrainian companies to properly assess their capabilities, plan their actions and resources, and then enter and gain a foothold in international markets.
Modern technologies of output of Ukrainian companies to the markets of the European Union
The manual is a practical guide for Ukrainian exporters / importers, contains generalized and key information for representatives of domestic business, technologies and methods of successful entry of companies into the EU internal markets.
Security of international sales contracts
The manual deals with security issues that need to be considered at all stages of preparation, conclusion and implementation of international sales contracts.
Modern technologies of financial crimes against states, companies, individuals
The guide analyzes common financial crime schemes faced today by companies that incur huge losses when working with unreliable partners; individual investors who are trying to maintain and increase their wealth; as well as the state, not receiving revenues to the budget.
Unfair competition: modern practices and countermeasures
The most striking examples of unfair competition are given, the basic forms and methods of unfair competition at levels: the state-enterprise-individual are considered.
Risk management in companies and banks
The manual covers problematic issues of application of modern risk management theory: risk identification and analysis, methods and tools of risk management, organization of preventive measures, etc.
Corporate security
The manual considers theoretical and applied problems and issues: management of the national security of Ukraine; state security; military security; economic security; humanitarian and environmental security; state secrets protection; ensuring the safety of business entities; information sphere and the right to information; innovation activity and its legal aspects; intellectual property and rights to its objects.

The theory and practice of their "viability" and protection in today's Ukraine are presented and analyzed.
Corporate security for business owners in today's environment
Practical recommendations on corporate security in the operation of companies in domestic and foreign markets. Identification of security threats to companies and banks, and proposed tools to ensure the security system of the enterprise.
Competitive intelligence and business security

The book outlines modern priority technologies and competitive intelligence tools that have been developed by specialized practitioners and have shown their effectiveness when used in a number of leading domestic and foreign companies. The book is mainly addressed to security and marketing specialists for practical use in order to reduce and neutralize business risks and threats, as well as make effective management decisions.

Competitive intelligence for business
The purpose of the manual is to research and implement practical recommendations for the use of competitive intelligence tools in companies to increase competitiveness, efficiency and strategic sustainability.
Analytical centers in politics, economics, business
Analytical support of important management decisions (not only in business), including the strategic level, is one of the tools of effective management, the role of which in conditions of uncertainty and geopolitical interstate struggle is clearly underestimated in our country. High-quality and efficient provision of information is among the top three priorities that are solved by state and local authorities and business structures. It is necessary to be constantly informed about the latest events, to monitor changes in business conditions, legislation and the alignment of political forces.
Decision support systems in economics, business, politics
The manual is devoted to the study of issues related to the relevance and necessity of using decision support systems in the face of modern uncertainty and information deficit. To solve business problems and complex business management tasks of a strategic and systemic nature, as well as complex problems in the public policy sphere, it is necessary to involve the decision support system.