The most profitable sectors of the Ukrainian economy in 2021: the list of the State Statistics Committee

The State Statistics Service compared the profitability of different sectors of the economy to identify the most profitable. The most profitable was temporary accommodation and catering - 37.3%.

Overall profitability of Ukrainian enterprises:

  • The average profitability of operating activities of medium and large enterprises in Ukraine for the first half of 2021 (January - June) was 15.1%.
  • The level of profitability of all activities of enterprises - 11.8%.

The most profitable activities:

  • real estate transactions - 25.9%,
  • information and telecommunications - 18.4%,
  • wholesale and retail trade - 16.3%,
  • industry - 12.8%,
  • professional, scientific and technical activities - 10.8%,
  • financial and insurance activities - 8.9%,
  • activities in the field of administrative and support services - 8.1%,
  • agriculture, forestry and fisheries - 3.8%,
  • transport, warehousing, postal and courier activities - 2.7%,
  • health care - 0.9%.

Activities that showed negative profitability:

  • construction - 0.2%,
  • education - 1.9%,
  • arts, sports, entertainment and recreation - 37.4%.

What is profitability

Profitability is the ratio of profit and expenses, expressed as a percentage. Profitability is a relative indicator, and it is necessary for the analysis of economic and economic activity of any enterprise. It is because of this relativity that the profitability of two or more different companies can be compared with each other and understood in this way, which of them is more effective.

Source: Economy24