«Association of International Economic Cooperation»
public organization, the main purpose of which is the general support of economic, social, scientific interests of Ukrainian enterprises in the framework of cooperation with the EU and promoting the global construction of new market bridges between Europe and Ukraine.

The activities of the Association are carried out exclusively in the legislative field of Ukraine.

The Association is a group of high-level experts and specialists in the field of applied analytics in all areas of business and international cooperation.

Cooperation with the Association is a way to effective economic development of enterprises: best practices, ways to overcome barriers and obstacles, promote the development of international business relations.

To solve the most common issues related to access to foreign markets, the Association carries out public activities, including - through the formation of public opinion through speeches in the media, through lectures, conducting workshops for business, as well as in other ways that does not contradict the norms of Ukrainian legislation.

The Association of International Economic Cooperation invites stakeholders - companies, associations, organizations and institutions around the world.